" Growth in the steel fabrication industry depends on strong innovation and a dedicated focus on quality"

SISCO Steel Contracting - is a leading steel fabrication company in the United Arab Emirates. established in 1998 and the company has grown to be a turnkey project contractor to different sectors of the country.

When a demanding and challenging project requires Structural Steel Fabrication and roofing works, clients’ turn to our unmatched capabilities to meet their complex design-build requirements. As the recognized industry leader in civil works, fabrication, erection of structural steel and roof sheets throughout the UAE, the core priority of our company is to successfully exceed client expectation by focusing innovation, knowledge and commitment on every commercial, industrial and public structure we assemble.

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Why SISCO Steel Contracting Stands Out

  • Civil & structural steel solutions to Turn Key Projects
  • Our technologies can save client money, worries, and improve their profit margin.
  • Our Design Department designs and customizes the highest quality of works.
  • We focus on environmentally friendly working conditions.
  • We provide 360 degree quality work – from design to assembly

Steel Fabrication Services

Strength and durability are qualities that are naturally associated with steel; the same can be said of SISCO Steel Contracting. We have become the major structural steel fabrication, erection and construction firm of choice by providing a dynamic full range of design, fabrication and erection services. Our complete in-house capabilities successfully enable fast response, maximum flexibility and complete coordination of all phases of any project. Our clients are assured of a more profitable venture because our comprehensive array of services provides well-managed projects, with better quality, predictability and cost efficiency.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to handle all aspects of steel fabrication, as well as the application of the fire rated coatings.


Leadership and Commitment

Since 1998, locally-owned SISCO Steel Contracting LLC has been involved in the construction of hundreds of recognized and admired projects, including several classic landmark structures. it signifies that the structure has gone up with the knowledge, experience, dedication, technical artistry and professionalism that only an exceptional company can deliver.

SISCO has become one of the biggest contractors for the erection of structural steel throughout UAE, because our clients have been able to rely upon us to meet the exacting standards and requirements of their projects regardless of scope, size or complexity. We ensure that the confidence placed in us as their fabricator of choice is justified by always rendering up that rare commodity, a cost-effective quality project, delivered on time and within budget. You will find SISCO Steel Contracting to be the most innovative, responsive and customer focused organization in the industry.



Although SISCO is headquartered in Dubai and operates primarily throughout UAE, many of our projects have taken us to surrounding provinces of Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. As a dynamic source fabrication and erection company, SISCO provides complete detailing, fabrication, and erection services in-house to the many clients who rely on us to meet the exacting requirements of their complex and challenging projects.

SISCO is experienced in all manner of contracting arrangements, including competitive bid situations, negotiated contracts, design-build and fast-track projects. Our goal is quite simply to ensure our clients’ success, delivering a cost-effective, quality project that allows everyone to profit.



To maintain strict control over every project we accept, SISCO has integrated its services in one large, convenient location in Umm Al Quain. It is from this pristine facility housing the most sophisticated equipment and talented engineers and craftsman that SISCO reaches out to supply the world. To make it even more convenient, SISCO maintains expertly manned corporate office in Ras Al Khor, Dubai.

As an established leader in structural steel fabrication, design, engineering and erection services, SISCO provides integrated products and services to general contractors throughout our wide operating area, as well as to construction managers for governmental, commercial and industrial facilities.

"Welcome to the SISCO website, it is with great pleasure I present to you SISCO Steel Contracting Company. Established in 1998, SISCO is one of the leading Contractors in UAE. SISCO’s construction activities include Civil, Structural Steel and Roofing projects. The Company has completed projects across a wide range of areas, including the construction of Villas, high rise buildings, commercial complex, power & water plants, warehouses, and other important prestigious projects."

Under the vision and wise directives of Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the country is poised to attain unprecedented global prominence and we look forward to support the country on its path to success, steered by the inspirational UAE Vision 2021 and Word Trade Expo 2020.

At SISCO’s we have a strong belief in our people and we believe that our success is closely related to the quality of services we provide and the level of satisfaction we deliver. The management and its resources are fully committed to customer satisfaction. The Company’s objective is to eliminate all the stresses involved within the construction industry by supplying, delivering, and overseeing all projects to guarantee a quality and timely finish, with Zero Harm to its people, the public, or the environment.

Throughout its 18 years history, SISCO has developed the knowledge, experience, and confidence to execute the most challenging projects safely, accurately, and to its Clients expectations.

Thank you for visiting SISCO site and please do not hesitate to email us or get in touch for more details on our services.

Best Regards


Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

" Our excellence with respect to Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety is paramount to the success of our business “SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING LLC” pertaining to the scope of activities “DESIGN, FABRICATION & ERECTION OF HEAVY STRUCTURAL STEEL WORKS, CLADDING WORKS, STAINLESS STEEL & ALUMINUM FABRICATION WORKS” respectively"

We commit ourselves to achieve this by:

  • Completion of selective projects on time, within the budget and as per applicable legal requirements as well as satisfying customer requirements consistently and cost effectively.
  • The top management of “SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING LLC” is committed to promote Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety awareness, understanding and care throughout the Organization. We are implementing a pro-active Integrated Management System to achieve the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety objectives by identifying significant aspects and work place hazards and reducing the inherent risks and impacts to manageable levels thereby avoiding accidents, impacts and consequential costs and liabilities due to accidents and impacts.
  • We will adhere and comply with the discipline and standard with respect to local and U.A.E ministerial regulations in a socially responsible manner.
  • Personal injuries, property loss, environmental incidents are preventable if IMS is adopted as an integral part of all overall business activities, thus significantly contributing to the ultimate profitability & sustainability development of SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING LLC.
  • Continually improving our processes, products and services in a safe manner as well as utilizing best available technology and best materials.
  • Continually improving our processes for prevention of pollution and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Training and communicating the policy to employees and other interested parties with emphasis on their individual IMS obligations, as well as upgrading our staff and enhancing their competency.

This policy is communicated within the organization as well as to all interested customers


General Manager

"SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING L.L.C is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of occupational health & safety due to the nature of our activities and associated occupational health & safety risks. This commitment is essential to the future of our business and, as such, we aim to continue conformance with the occupational health and safety management system BS OHSAS 18001:2007."

Our occupational health & safety integrated policy manual and all related supporting procedures, instructions and records are designed to establish, document and maintain our safety management system and to continually improve our safety performance and standards.

In particular, SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING L.L.C will:

  • Implement the necessary procedures and control measures to support our commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health;
  • Comply with the requirements of all relevant occupational health and safety legislation and the requirements of organizations to which SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING L.L.C subscribe;
  • Pursue a continuous occupational health and safety improvement programme which sets, monitors and reviews the achievement of meaningful occupational health and safety objectives and targets;
  • Consider and respond appropriately to occupational health and safety issues during all activities;
  • SISCO STEEL CONTRACTING LLC will demonstrate a continuous improvement in our day-to-day operations to achieve “zero incidents” as our target.
  • Ensure that all employees and interested parties are made aware of relevant occupational health and safety arrangements and their responsibility to protect and safeguard the occupational health and safety of themselves and others at all times.
  • In order to ensure the success of this important policy the necessary resources both human and financial will be made available. In addition our policy statement is available to any interested parties and has been communicated to all employees to aid in their awareness of their individual occupational health & safety obligations.

* This policy is communicated within the organization as well as to all interested customers


General Manager